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Penpower WorldCard Platinum Business Card Reader with Software

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Penpower WorldCard Platinum Business Card Reader with Software

Please note: Support Windows XP only
* Cannot upgrade to Windows 7


Detailed Features

PenPower WorldCard is a business productivity software for business name card scanning, recognition and management. It's a business card scanner. The scanner comes with it is the smallest in the market. The scanner's portable size makes it ideal for those who traveling on the road and its batch scanning (scan in first, edit later) function makes it a perfect product for busy business people on the go and for collecting contact information at trade shows and conferences.

WorldCard supports various data extension. Contact information can be directly scanned into PC, Palm, WinCE and mobile phone devices seamlessly. Its friendly user interface makes editing and data exporting an easy task.

Double-Side Scanning

Two-sided name cards can be scanned with images in a single record. Continuous scanning makes the scanning more quickly

Easy-to-Use: One Button Operation

It's as easy as pie to use WorldCard. All you have to do is to press the "Scan" button on the scanner, it will automatically perform the all process from scanning to recognizing the cards

Intelligent Card Search

Just type the keywords of anything about a contact like name, company, name cards that match the criteria will be found instantly. The right contact information can also easily found by categories.


PenPower WorldCard gives you lots of options to print your contact information to carry with you. The default label templates allow you to print labels in minutes, or you can create your own.

Import and Export

You can import or export the contact database from or to different applications like Outlook, Outlook Express, Excel, ACT!, GoldMine, Lotus Organizer, and many more. This saves you a lot of time and no more repeated typing exists.

Photo Management

Attach a photo to your contact if you want. You can add a photo from the existing files or by scanning a photo with other flat bed scanners.

Features Infrared Transmission

You can transmit your electronic address book to your favorite Palm or mobile phone via infrared. Enjoy being a mobile knowledge worker! (you need to have an infrared port on your pc, and your palm and mobile phone also need to have infrared ports)

Beam Your Addresses to Your Cell phone

Ericsson 320, 380, T39, T68, T68i
Motorola 388, A6288, l2000, 7389i, timeport
Nokia 5210, 6210, 6250, 6500, 6510, 7110, 7190, 8210, 8250, 8290, 8310, 8390, 8850, 8855, 8890, 8910
Samsung A308, A408
Siemens 2588 S25, 3568i S35, 3618 ME45, 6618 S45, 6688 SL45

Additional Specifications

* External Scan Depth: 256 Gray Shades (8-bit)
* Interface: USB 1.1
* Internal Scan Depth: 256 Gray Shades (8-bit)
* Max Scan Resolution: 600 x 600
* Height: 1.02 in
* Width: 4.0 in
* Depth: 1.9 in
* Weight: 2.5 oz

System Requirements

* Pentium 166 PC or higher
* Min. 64MB memory
* 90 MB of available hard disk space
* Win 98 / Me / 2000 / XP (Cannot upgrade to Vista or Windows7)
* USB Port

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  • Model: 05-4585
  • Manufactured by: Penpower