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Penpower Handwriter Wacom LLC302 (PC)

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Penpower Handwriter Wacom LLC302 (PC)


The PENPOWER Handwriter combines Chinese handwriting recognition technology to allow users to communicate with the computer directly by handwriting. Equipped with Chinese HandWriting 3x2 Tablet and a 512-level Cordless Pressure-Sensitive Pen (CPSP), it can accurately recognize cursive script to allow users who are not used to typing with the keyboard to communicate with the computer directly by handwriting. The ergonomically exquisite style is convenient for you to carry around and is easy to use.

Asia all-in-one package Recognize over 23,000 traditional and simplified Chinese characters, 4941 special Hong Kong characters, English letters, symbols, numbers, Japanese Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana and Korean characters.
Supporting Unicode Support Unicode system to display Traditional and Simplified Chinese easily.
Cursive writing and Artificial Intelligence recognition kernel No particular stroke order is required. Capable of recognizing extremely cursive handwriting accurately. Highly adaptable to the uniqueness of your handwriting and can be used as a personal handwriting system.
Full-screen continual writing The accurate characters segmentation technology ensures a single recognition for a complete sentence.
Balloon UI The visual user interface is hidden transparently. The function tool bar will be popped up along with the movement of the cursor.
Intelligent Writing Pad Provide multiple input boxes, can also be used together with many other software, combined with Penpower Handwriter??s many functions, high-speed character recognition, inserting punctuations, signature and common phrases, to ease your usage of the software.
Phrase Forecast Phrase Forecast uss the before and after characters to correct written character.
Pressure sensitive effect The writing pen has an additional pressure sensitive function. The writing stroke produced will be like calligraphy.
Tablet short cut Allow users to self-define functions on the writing tablet for launching signature, frequently used word and phrases, website browse with one touch on the tablet.
Transparent signature and handwriting marking Your signature and handwriting marking can be overlapped with the WORD or EXCEL document to keep their related position to avoid ruining the document format. The signature can be inserted into E-mails and sent to others.
Post-it notes You can create post-it notes with your original handwriting, drawings, text, and voice message. Notes can be sent via e-mail.
PenPower artist Provide over a hundred of letter and post card templates for you to make personalized letters and postcards in your own handwriting.
Voice command Control the operation of Windows, browse web pages in IE with voice command.
MSN inking function Write or draw on MSN to enjoy the fun of communication.
Other auxiliary function Provide many useful functions, such as related phrase, related word, special symbol table, homophone, dictionary, learning string, color inking and sound effect...etc, to make input easier.
Delivering the next level of integration in PENPOWER software, this version also includes PENPOWER Pen Board, Chinese OCR, and Voice Search.
Pen Board Record inking on the white board or use the white board wizard to make notes on PowerPoint slides.
Chinese OCR Just scan your printed or hand-written documents, and the optical character recognition system can recognize the texts/graphs/tables and transform them into editable files.
Voice Search Look up contact information in Outlook/Outlook Express with voice command.
* Handwriting 3??2 inch tablet
* Pen
* 2 Software CD
* User manual
* Registration card
* Piracy identification card

* Intel Pentium processor or compatible
* 64 MB RAM
* 180 MB hard driver space
* Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista
* USB port



搭配3x2吋精巧的數位手寫板,及512階的無線感壓筆,可精準辨識連筆字, 讓不習慣຾盤打字的您能直接用手寫字與電腦溝通。 符合人體工學的輕巧造型設計,讓您攜帶方便、輕鬆上手。

* 五合一亞洲版 - 可辨認繁簡體中文23000多字、香港4941字、英數字及符號、日文漢字、平假名及片假名、韓文漢字及韓文字。
* 支援Unicode萬國碼 - 採用Unicode辨識核心,可輸入任何Unicode的繁簡中文字。
* 無筆順連筆草寫與人工智慧辨識核心 - 沒有筆劃順序限制,並可精準地辨認潦草的連筆字,且系統可以學習個人書寫筆跡,成為個人化的手寫系統。
* 蒙恬全螢幕 - 精準的文字切割技術,全螢幕整句連續書寫,一次辨認。
* 氣泡式介面 - 以光標字典方式將視覺化的介面完全隱藏,不佔據銀幕畫面。
* 智慧書寫盤 - 提供連續多格書寫,可與各式應用軟體搭配使用,並結合蒙恬筆多種功能,快速編輯文字、插入符號、簽名檔與常用詞,讓您操作更容易。
* 文字預測功能 - 根據前後相關文字做預測並修改輸入慣用詞。
* 壓感書寫效果 - 配合壓感書寫效果,讓您體驗書法筆觸的真實呈現。
* 網際蒙恬筆 - 直接由手寫板上快速點選輸入簽名、常用詞、網站等,體貼設計的透明手寫視窗,沒有視覺障礙。
* 透明簽名與筆跡標註功能 可直接將簽名筆跡或手寫筆跡標註,直接留在Word或Excel文件中的相對位置上,不破壞文件格式。
* 蒙恬便條紙 - 融合便條紙的方便性,可以手寫的原始真跡,加上繪圖、錄製及文字。
* 蒙恬藝術家 - 提供各式各樣的信紙及卡片樣本,可以模仿真的手寫真跡,寫封有特色的手寫信,或製作精美的卡片。
* 語音導航 - 可以口述命令的方式,直接打開應用程式,或操作整個視窗系統,模擬滑鼠或鍵盤的動作。
* MSN 筆跡功能 - 在MSN上寫字與畫圖,讓溝通更具樂趣,不懂輸入法也可以暢所欲言。
* 其他功能 - 提供候選字、同音字、前後相關字、聯想詞庫、學習字串、字典、發音、全能鍵盤、特殊符號表、筆跡教學等功能,手寫輸入輕鬆自如。
* 超值組合專案 - 特別收錄電子白板、認識王及語音搜尋軟體,讓您ㄧ次擁有最完整的功能。 電子白板 完整紀錄白板上所有的書寫過程,並可以直接使用 白板精靈講解投影片及加註筆跡。
* 系統需求
Pentium 以上個人電腦
64MB 以上記憶體
180MB 以上磁碟空間
Windows 2000/XP/Vista

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