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FSP 19V/120W Universal Notebook DC-DC Car Adapter (CAR120-19V-R)


FSP 16V/120W Universal Notebook DC-DC Car Adapter (CAR120-19V)


Allows safe and reliable operation of portable electronic devices from 9 to 32V power supplies in cars. The car adapter fulfills two basic functions:
1) charging and powering of the device through transformation of the on-board voltage (9-32V).
2) protection of the connected device against interference.

Green LED will light to signal that the car adapter can supply power to the connected device.

* Input voltage : 9 to 32V DC +/-0.5V
* Input current: max.15A
* Output voltage: 19V DC
* Output current : 5 to 6A
* Output power rating : max.120W
* Operating temperature: -20 to 50C
* Storage temperature: -40 to 85C
* Measurements (L*B*H) : 150*76*30mm

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  • Model: 15-6074
  • Manufactured by: FSP